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Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Hey folks and welcome to the site(and comic)! My name is Mikh and I'm the one responsible for any/all art and character designs associated with ...And Then You Die(comic and website). We all worked very hard to get to this point and ,at varying times, wore many different hats also. I hope you like the results and continue to stick with us for the long haul. Now, let's hear from...

A Commentary on Page One

So, I decided to post a commentary. I might post more later if I decide this one went well. Here goes:

Page 1 - The infamous page 1. Between Leesa and I, we must have colored this twelve or twenty times. Being the first page, and being a bit simpler than some of the others, it just made the perfect guinea pig. In general, if there was anything we wanted to test, we tested it here (usually we just threw shit in without testing it first, though... like the new style of speech bubbles, for instance).

Originally I had made this too dark, and we lightend it up. The version that wound up in the printed book is actually slightly different, as are all of the first 8 pages and one of the later ones were re-worked from the raw images and resampled at a higher resolution. Previously, we would downsample them to 150 dpi immediately, but to print the book 300dpi was a requirement. So, from page 9 on, we had been keeping them at 300dpi. Once it came time to prepare the book for printing, a week long project, we had to go back in and start from scratch on the first 8. In the end I think I alone spent over 4 hours on EACH page, which is completely ridiculous when you consider that I had already done these pages several times already, we weren't using any shading, we were in black and white, and I didn't even draw them! Still, they look really good in the book.

This page has an interesting caveat. You see, (in my experience) whenever someone reads this page, they ignore it. They move on to the next page (the dream sequence), and don't realize its a dream. Then, when they go back and re-read it, they say "well, duh, how did I miss that?" I've looked over that page many times wondering that, and I just can't put my finger on it. The closest thing to a culprit would be our phase-out to the clouds, and maybe it's just too subtle, but it's really a nice effect. When you know what's going on, I think it to be a much better panel than it otherwise would have been, had it have been less subtle.

Art-wise, this was the original style of the comic, before Mikh went more cartoony with it. There is more detail, and Mikh colored in Ajay's hair using his pencil, while in later comics he finally broke down and let us color Ajay's hair (in the printed version, we went in and colored over Ajay's hair to remove the somewhat-jarring white spots). I mean, compare this close-up with those at the end of book (which are a bit smaller, to be fair), and its a big difference. In fact, we used the style change to further differentiate the real comic from this dream-sequence "intro", although this particular page is the evidence that it wasn't actually planned ahead of time.
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