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Digital Strips

Our interview at Digital Strips is finally up! Thank you to Zampzon and Daku for saving the best for last (haha), and I hope that anyone who coming to the site for the first time enjoys the comic.

We have 2 complete books, and one book that is updating currently. You can find all of the books in the "Comics" selection in the menu to the left and below.


P.S. Sorry the website is a little ugly. We're working on a redesign right now. Also, the scheduled downtime has passed without a hitch, so you can ignore Larrik's comment now.

Notes on the interview

Just a few notes about the interview:

-The interview sounded a lot better than I expected (ie. feared). The fact was this was our first interview and were in the middle of a crazy convention when it all occurred, so we had fears that we gave a terrible interview.

-My name is not "Tom Larrik" as is suggested in the interview. In fact, Larrik isn't my real name at all, and my name is actually Don Morrone (which in conversation sounds enough like "Tom" or "John" that people make the mistake more often than get it right. Being at a convention, and having my cohorts using their real names, I never really had a chance). "Larrik Jaerico" is simply my online name.

-Our actual duties are not as clear-cut as the interview may make it seem. In fact, they aren't that clear at all, even to us.

-The "genesis" of the comic story in the interview has little to do with the actual story, and yet, most of that stuff was true. The whole truth is actually a whole lot more boring.

-I love that Zampzon is grilling us about how people can possibly dislike a comic simply because it looks like Manga, when he's a quite vocal critic of manga. Zampzon is a cool dude.

-I love how Daku kept grilling us about our business plan. Business plan? Daku is a cool dude.

-I really liked their introduction to our interview. They really hit on a few things that were important to us (the idea of our comics being organized into books, for instance).

Overall, the show was great, as usual, and we look forward to appearing on Digital Strips in some capacity again (though nothing of the sort is planned yet).
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