ConnectiCon 2005 Report by Larrik

NOTE: This is version 2. I was unhappy with my first one, as I felt I emphasized the wrong things and made the report a bit boring. Overall, I feel we did well. This in spite of the fact that we were pretty much completely unprepared. For example, we started getting asked right away questions like "what is your comic about?" We were grossly unprepared for that one, and it probably showed.

When we got to our table, we noticed that we had the indisputably worst table in the room. We were at the end of a row nobody walked down, and if they DID walk down it, they needed to go by the awesome Chugworth Academy, the industry professional Rusty Haller, and then wind up at us total newbies. To make matters a bit worse, one of Rusty's main pieces was a giant piece of art that effectively obscured our table from people who weren't already there. That night, we ran and got posters printer to hang on the wall, which was great until the convention staff (the venue staff, not the ConnectiCon staff) asked us to remove it.

Still, we had some great merchandise (in my opinion, anyway), including books, stickers, buttons, and the games from One Small Step. We initially wanted to sell the stickers for a dollar a piece to help recover our losses, but when the first couple of people asked the price, I just said "two for a buck." One person actually bought a sticker shortly after the show began. And then someone walked up to the table and said "Hey! You guys were the ones who were supposed to be at that meet and greet a while ago!" Mikh and I look at each other with puzzlement, and then I fish out our program book and confirm that yes, we were indeed supposed to be at a meet greet that was actually happening right now. Well, for another few minutes, anyway. So yeah, good way to introduce ourselves.

Eventually someone asked if we had a card with the website name on it. We kind of looked at each other and said "shit! We should have made cards with our website name on it!" We ended up giving the stickers out for free after that, and thankfully the guy who bought the first one never came back to punch us out (Sorry dude!). The free stickers became a pretty hot item (especially when we were trying to use them to bring in people about to walk away from the table), so we ran out quick. In fact, we have zero left even for ourselves. So, there you go: all you fans who got a sticker can take comfort in the fact that they are so rare even we don't have one.

Nobody touched the buttons at all until like halfway through Saturday, and nobody bought one until late Saturday. Those were awesome buttons, too, I don't see why they weren't more popular. Anyway, after they began selling, they actually sold pretty decently, as well as making good gifts for our new webcomic buddies.

The books sold slowly but steadily. From what I gather from listening to the other vendors, not a whole lot of stuff was selling. In the end, we made out pretty well, though not to the point of making a "profit." I actually stood in front of the table and sucked people in that way, which was very effective. Eventually we stole Dave's table, and that helped a bit (though his location meant that me standing in front of the table was kind of creepy and annoying, like those people in mall kiosks. You know who I mean. I didn't even try it).

We had games, like I mentioned before. The weird part was that whenever someone noticed them, it totally broke their minds. Apparently one group representing two groups was just weird, and we're going to avoid it in future conventions.

Eventually, someone said our name loud enough for the guys directly behind us to hear who we were, at which point he yells "So you were the guys who skipped OUR meet and greet! I show up there, and nobody is there, not even the other comic!" We all had a good laugh, and we learned his name was Ryan (or "Spoon") from Ded End.

We ended up talking to our neighbors a lot, which included the aforementioned Spoon, as well as his friend Fitch, and Liz from Stuff Sucks. Then we met Chris, who liked Mikh's style enough to essentially offer us a working opportunity right there. That begin Mikh's crazy night, which I'm sure he describes better than me in his report.

At some point we met Zampzon and Daku from Digital Strips, who were super-cool. They eventually came back to record us once for their show, which is available right now on their site (Show #28). Our part is actually a lot longer than what they recorded for our neighbors. Then they came back again to give us a full interview, which was pretty damn awesome, though our answers may or may not have anything to do with reality (for instance, my answer for how we started has pretty close to nothing to do with the real start of the comic. Hell, we had a 4th staff member for months and I barely mentioned him... sorry Fox). I thought it particularly funny that they kept asking us about our business model as if we had one. We don't!

As for the convention itself, the place was gorgeous, there was tons of stuff to do (I hear, I kinda guarded the table the whole time), all of the staff was incredibly cool and helpful, and I was proud to be a part. The fact that we were quite seriously absolutely no one, and the convention people treated so well that parents and kids were asking for our advice was just crazy. Unfortunately, things didn't go too well for them.

Saturday night we hung out with the guys from Surliness, Chugworth Academy, Least I Could Do, and of course Ded End and Stuff Sucks. It was a great time, and there are a few too many pictures in our new photo gallery. It was during this hangout that Spoon revealed he hadn't sold a single thing yet, which really sucked.

Overall, the convention was an absolute blast. At the beginning, I was worried (which is normal for me), but by the end I knew that the weekend went better than I ever could have hoped for.

P.S. Ryan (Spoon) is an absolute nut!

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