ConnectiCon 2005 Report by Mikh
This being our first outing to support "…And Then You Die," to say I was nervous would be a HUGE understatement. I didn't know what to expect being on this side of the things, and how we would be received (or if we would be at all). Let me tell you, the people at ConnectiCon welcomed us with open arms and gave us a big sloppy kiss too!

Friday, as I said, we were all nerves with the anticipation. Riding the escalator upstairs, I commented to Don (Larrik) that it felt like the beginning of a roller coaster ride. We had already seen one of our ranks in the emergency room earlier that day thanks to a nasty electric shock, and upon setting up were informed by a random attendee that we missed our own "meet and greet" (we're very well informed people, as you can tell). Oh yeah, we were late too. Fortunately, these were the few dark clouds in an otherwise great day. We met some very cool people the first day. Ryan and Fitch from DedEnd (our partners at the aforementioned meet and greet - luckily they don't hold a grudge), Liz who does Stuff Sucks (great girl who has an unbelievably cool drawing style), and Dave who does Chugworth Academy (his art floored me - I bow to his greatness). I also met one of venders Chris Bair. Chris (who is a writer with the horror writers association) found my style appealing enough as to ask me to possibly work on a project (very funny concept) with him (sweet like candy). Eventually, Leesa (who had gotten the shock) joined us and rallied her impressive selling powers to unload some books. This was much to the joy of Don and I, because……we suck at selling stuff. Even Leesa couldn't sell our buttons however (apparently they were made on an Indian burial ground with a mummies curse and seven years of bad luck!) because people ran from them like the plague. Overall though, a great first day.

Saturday (otherwise known as the day I entered the twilight zone) was fucking manic, in a good way! We got to the convention center that morning expecting to be the last ones in the artist colony to set up. What we saw instead was Liz, Dave, and a whole bunch of empty tables. We weren't the last ones in! (That honor went to Fitch and Ryan of DedEnd - better you than us guys!) Anyway, we sold ALOT of books Saturday. Thanks in no small part to Leesa (and Don saved a few sales too…kinda…I guess…okay, not really). This was my day for ego inflation (I try to stay modest but that's no fucking fun - joking) as everyone and their mother was complimenting me on my style and the work I had brought for display purposes. I mean I had moms dragging their kids over to me to critique their work (apparently no one told them- I'M NOBODY- I have no professional credit to my worthless name!!!). So after leading several small children astray (no seriously, I gave them what advice I could and sent them on their way) Chris came over and wanted to bring me over to meet Steve Bennett (who was part of Studio Ironcat and a big part of getting lots of manga into our collective hands) so I could show him some of my art. All I can say about Steve is that he is one of the coolest motherfuckers you will ever meet. He's just one of those people with a natural gift for gab. For a half-Japanese/white guy he can tell a story that would make an Irishman jealous. Anyhow, Steve was busy with things at his table so he invited me out to eat with him, Chris, and several others. Needless to say (partially because I'm a HUGE manga geek…or rather completely because I'm a huge manga geek) my jaw was dropped. Very cool shit. Somewhere in the mix, I was auctioned for $25.00 with Ryan (DedEnd) at a web comics auction. It was for a good cause (the comic book legal defense fund) so it was all good. Plus, how many people can say what their worth? I now know I'm worth $12.50. It could be worse I suppose. Liz (Stuff Sucks), Dave (Chugworth), and the guy from Least I Could Do were auctioned of as the 'foreign exchange' at $30.00(so they're only worth ten bucks each! HA!) Saturday came to an end with us hanging out with some of our new friends and having a nice drunken time. I'll leave it at that because the rest is none of yo' business!

Sunday was a rough wake up call as you can imagine. We got back to the con late and you could tell things had died down from Saturday. This was when whispers of bad sales began to be heard (a harbinger it turns out). Liz and I both were very hungry so we attempted to raid some of the rooms in the convention center for food. This was all for naught however, because the convention center have a rule about no outside food being brought in (Nazi's). So we made the long trek to Burger King but no sooner than we get the order that took 20 minutes to make (fast food my ass!) my cell rings. I pick up and it's Leesa wondering where the hell I've wandered off to because the guys from Digital Strips were waiting for me to return so they could interview us. Now depending on who you ask, I ran across town or I ate my grease pie and sauntered back who can say for sure (Well, one person can but I've bought her off with a wooden shoe HA! HA! EVIL!)? Anyway, I made it back and we had our fifteen minutes in the spotlight. Whenever this interview comes to the light of day, I'm sure it will go down as a retched crapfest on our part (sorry guys, it was our first). The day was basically spent swapping book and buttons and saying our goodbyes and we'll keep in touches.

Overall, things went above and beyond expectation. I want to say thanks to my partners in crime, as well as Liz, Ryan, Fitch, Dave, Steve and Chris for making this weekend what it was.

That being said, some of you may have heard that there is a very real danger that there won't be another Connecticon. The cushy new digs this year had a very steep price tag and due to this it's put the wonderful organizers of this event into a shitload of debt. Connecticon has been one of the only places to treat web comics and their fans with more than an upturned nose and a dismissive hand. If this con goes away, so to does a valued supporter of this craft (maybe it's biggest supporter). As a guy who appreciates when someone sticks their neck out for something important to them, I feel we as a community, cannot allow this to happen. So please click on the 'Save Connecticon' banners you see on various websites (including ours) and do what you can.

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